The Law Office of Nathaniel M. Smith opened in 2009.  Hundreds of clients have been served in over fifteen counties in Georgia.

Here are a few examples of our many successes:


 Divorce and Family Law

  • Spalding County Superior Court case filed in 2012:  Where the mother of the parties' minor children showed signs of drug use, Nathaniel M. Smith successfully argued for the father that the mother's visitation be supervised until clean drug screens were provided to ensure the safety of the children.
  • Henry County Superior Court case filed in 2012:  Nathaniel M. Smith helped in a modification case that resulted in the father of the children losing his rights to visitation and changed the last names of the children to their mother's last name.
  • Clayton County Superior Court case filed in 2011:  In a divorce action with no minor children, Nathaniel M. Smith successfully represented the Husband, who was awarded all of the property that he asked for at trial.
Probate Court
  • Clayton County probate matter, 2016:  Nathaniel M. Smith successfully argued in court for our client being named as guardian over her aged father over the objections of our client's sister.
  • Henry County Probate Court and Superior Court cases filed in 2014:  Nathaniel M. Smith successfully defendant a client against accusations brought by siblings regarding the estate of their mother.
  • Butts County Probate Court case:  Nathaniel M. Smith helped negotiate a settlement between siblings who were fiercely opposed to each other regarding the probate of their brother's estate.
  • Henry, Clayton, and Fulton County Probate Court cases filed in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015:  Nathaniel M. Smith helped numerous clients regarding guardianship being established, guardianship being terminated, wills being probated, and the transfer of real estate and other property out of the name of recently deceased loved ones and into the names of the heirs.
Business Litigation
  • Henry County State Court case filed in 2012:  Where a business dispute arose between the owner of a truck and trailer and the wrecking company that towed the truck and trailer over the amount owed for the towing and towing-related charges, Nathaniel M. Smith successfully argued that the Plaintiff was not entitled to the amount they sought, and after trial the Defendant was ordered to pay less than 25% of the amount the Plaintiff had been demanding.
Real Estate Litigation
  • Henry County Superior Court case filed in 2012:  Where the Plaintiff sued his neighbors for thousands of dollars over a fence allegedly crossing the property line, Nathaniel M. Smith defended the neighbors in court and the Plaintiff was not awarded any monetary damages against our client.

Other Litigation
  • Henry County and Clayton County Magistrate Court cases in 2016 and previous years:  Nathaniel M. Smith successfully argued for evictions (dispossessory actions) to occur, and for other evictions to be denied.
  • Superior Court of Pike County case filed in 2012:  Nathaniel M. Smith successfully represented the Defendant against the Plaintiff's claim for thousands in damages that occurred in a fire; the Plaintiff eventually dropped their case entirely without collecting any sums from the Defendant. 

Criminal Defense
Of course, each case is different and has its own facts, and the outcome is not identical in every case.  Past performance is not always a guarantee of future outcomes.  Names and case numbers have been removed to help meet potential privacy desires of former clients.